Talks Programme for September 2016 – June 2017

This will be distributed with the next History Journal and appear soon on this website.

Ttalks are held at the East Street Museum, TN31 73Y. They begin promptly at 7:30 p.m.

Admission for members is £2.00, for guests £3.00 — including refreshments.

Talks Programme to June 2016
A reminder of what we heard and learned during the past year:

Tuesday 8th September ‘Archbishop’s Vestments in Miniature 1162-1983’ by Anne Oakley
Anne accompanievd her talk about Church vestments with miniature examples of them and anecdotes of the lives of church characters through the ages. NOTE THAT THIS TALK IS AT 2.30PM!

Thursday 8th October ‘Waterloo’ by Chris Viner
Chris made a welcome return visit bringing us other ideas about the Battle of Waterloo — the 200th Anniversary of which is this year.

Friday 16th October GALA EVENING:
Cheese and Wine at East Street followed by two productions by the Rye Shakespeare Company at the Town Hall Theatre! This special evening was to raise money to restore our wonderful penny-farthing bicycle.

Saturday 7th November A Day Conference on ‘Aspects of the Plague of London 1665’
Academics discussed the ramifications of this event for which 2015 was the 350th Anniversary.   We heard, for example, about the Plague experiences of John Allin (Vicar of Rye from 1652-1662 ) during this epidemic in London, and about other places which also suffered.

Thursday 12th November ‘Camber and Broomhill: Sussex East of Rye’ by Geoffrey Meade
Geoffrey, one of our Trustees, returned to tell us about his latest research into the history of a part of our area.

Thursday 10th December A Christmas Drinks Party
A Change from our usual New Year Event.  We welcomed the coming Christmas Season together instead.

Thursday 11th February ‘Old Rural Days’ by Melvin Peake
Melvin came to tell us about Country Skills and Old Rural Ways, which are well on the way to being forgotten.

Thursday 10th March ‘The Green Man in English Churches’ by Imogen Corrigan
Imogen made a welcome return to discuss with us how the image may have evolved from Pagan and Classical times and what its purpose may have been.

Thursday 14th April ‘Smallhythe: Centre of Medieval Shipbuilding’ by Fred Walker
Fred, an expert on the topic, came to tell us about the ancient shipbuilding industry at Smallhythe, the port of Tenterden.

Thursday 12th May ‘The Crop Circle Mystery’ by Andy Thomas
With stunning visuals, Andy explored the extraordinary and fascinating phenomena of crop circles.

Tuesday 9th June ‘They tell me they were in fashion last year’ Samuel and Elizabeth Jeake and clothing fashions in late 17th Century London and Rye by Danae Tankard
Danae, of the University of Chichester,  described her research, (including that from our documents), into the Costume of the Restoration Period.