• It all began with throwing pots

    It all began with throwing pots

  • Exploring our East Sussex Coast

    Exploring our East Sussex Coast

  • What a Ménage à  Trois !

    What a Ménage à Trois !

  • Half Term Fun at the Museum

    Half Term Fun at the Museum

  • Winchelsea’s Poor: Their Lives through Letters

    Winchelsea’s Poor: Their Lives through Letters

  • Which is the Spy?

    Which is the Spy?

  • Busy afternoon at the Museum

    Busy afternoon at the Museum



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The Museum can benefit from Amazon and Easy Fundraising

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Call for Volunteers

The 2018 season at East Street is almost here and we could use more volunteers to sit at the desk. If you’re local, you might also consider helping us for an hour midday at theYpres Tower, to give the stewards a lunch break. On Thursday, March 15, at 6:30 there will be a simple party at East Street to celebrate our current volunteers. Why not come along, have a glass of wine, and chat with other volunteers about their experiences?


Museum Hours

The East Street Museum opens the weekend of March 31/April 1. It will be open weekends (and perhaps Bank Holidays, if we can recruit enough volunteers) thereafter until the end of October, from 10:30 until 5:00.

The Rye Castle/Ypres Tower is open every day, as usual. March 30 – October 31 from 10:30 – 5:00,  last admission 4:30. Winter hours November 1 – March 29 from 10:30 am – 3:30  Last admission 3:00 pm.

ryeinthetwentiesRye Royale in the Nineteen Twenties by Jo Kirkham
The latest Rye Museum publication 

While Jo Kirkham’srecent talk at the Museum, The Story of Rye Royale, presented highlights of Rye’s centuries-long story of its connections to the Crown, this book,  Rye Royale in the Nineteen Twenties, is specifically about a particular period, featured in one of the most recently mounted exhibits at the East Street museum. The exhibit and the book are in honour of Her Majesty the Queen’s ninetieth birthday and present Rye as it was in the decade of her birth: the people and events, the industries and entertainments the shops, schools, hospitals, courts and theatres.   The illustrated 54 page book costs £5 and is available at the Museum.



Trip Advisor Recommendations

There are lots of compliments for our Ypres Tower site on Trip Advisor.  You can see them here.  Our only ‘bad’ report, spoiling our near perfect score, seems to have come about because a visitor who had just had a maddening time trying to find a parking space in Rye  was looking for someone to blame their parking problems on! (They made no comment about the museum itself.)

 Update on a recent speaker

Rye Museum certainly hosts some fascinating talks!  An outstanding one was Hands of Genius by micro-engraver Graham Short during the Rye Festival.  (Click here to refresh your memory or, if you missed it, to find out why it was so special.)  He’s recently been making the news again, this time by secretly releasing four five pound notes worth thousands of pounds as part of a project by a gallery in the Borders. On each of the new plastic notes he had engraved  a tiny (5mm) portrait of and a quote by Jane Austen to mark the 200th anniversary of her death. You may remember that his portrait of the Queen on a pinhead had sold for £100,000.  These, each with a different quote, are said to be worth thousands more, though the finders of the first two have decided to keep them rather than sell them.

 Yes, we’re Still Breaking Records!

Over the past year we continued to welcome record numbers of visitors both at the Tower and at East Street, up from last year, which is such good news for a museum that is entirely independent, relying for income on an admission charge at the Tower and donations at East Street.  

At the Tower, which is open every day of the year and continues to be a major Rye attraction, there have been as many as 600+ visitors in a single day!  There are LOTS of additions and improvements at the Tower:  new furniture and display panels, smartened-up exhibits, better lighting, a new model of the changing shoreline . . . .   Thanks to a stop-and-look banner and FREE admission — and wonderful volunteer stewards — we attracted thousands of visitors to our second site on East Street, during the summer season.   

If you would like to join our  band of volunteer stewards do let us know.  It’s fun and rewarding and a chance to meet interesting people.

Virtual Tour of Romantic Rye

Move around Rye without leaving your chair courtesy of Visit Rye Bay.   To go directly to the video click here. Mercifully free of chatter,  it will lead you up and down the streets, zooming in on houses, buildings, views. . .   If you’ve been to Rye, can you recall where all these places are?  If you’ve not, we encourage you to come and tour the town for real.

When you are at the Tower, don’t forget to admire the views from the Lookout (the balcony).  Here is a recent Marsh panorama contributed by Peter Varley.  For more views — by Clive Sawyer, click here.

Marsh Panorama