A Modern Day Camber Shipwreck

Tuesday, 11th October, East Street
Menaa Star: The Story of a Local Shipwreck by Carl Bagwell

We are accustomed to learning about shipwrecks of Rye’s past — those built in Rye which met misfortune, or those lost off our coast. This was a much more recent story. The Danish Menaa Star successfully unloaded timber from the Caribbean off Camber in 2004 — and having just become an Indian-owned ship, nearly did not get away. In narrating the innumerable problems which threatened the ship’s survival before it eventually sailed off again, Rye’s former Harbour master reminded his listeners of the many interlinking factors — ownership, regulations, crew competence, communications, equipment, weather, local knowledge — to mention only 7 — which determine the outcome of any voyage.

First posted in Maritime Rye, Past Talks on 13th October 2011
Last updated: 6th December 2012