Between Rye and Kent

Between Rye and Kent

Geoffrey Meade - Broomhill Sands

Dr Geoffrey Mead of the University of Sussex gave a lively talk Thursday night, November 12th, on the landscape East of Rye. Though many people think of Rye as directly bordering Kent, there’s a unique sliver of Sussex before the county line that is interesting both for its geography and its history.

Originally part of the harbour of Rye, what is now Camber offered its own small protected harbour (or “chambre”) that could safely shelter several hundred ships through a storm. As this bay silted up along with the rest of the harbour, the coastline evolved into a beautiful white sand beach, with strips of fertile land interspersed with shingle reaching inwards from the water. This was the foundation of the modern usage of Camber and Broomhill as a popular holiday destination on the water with an inland area of rich grazing and farmland.

Dr Mead has a longstanding interest in this district and has collected many fascinating maps and photos of the evolution of the landscape. It was a most enjoyable talk by one of Rye Museum’s favourite speakers.

Sarah Cooper

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