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5 star ratings for the Ypres Tower

5 star ratings for the Ypres Tower

  Visitors are promoting our Castle and the town   Both our museums are accumulating 5 star ratings on Trip Advisor.  Here are a few examples from recent ‘Excellent’  postings for the Ypres Tower, our open-every-day site.  (Next time: a report on the East Street museum.) The first needs translating for you unless you are familiar with … read more …

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More appraisals of Rye

Here are four more quotes about Rye to add to those already in the section  Said about Rye. |Click the heading at right.)   These come from Frank Palmer and were included in the Speaker’s Day booklet for Saturday, September 21st 2013. In 1678 Samuel Jeake, Historian, Town Clerk, author of Charters of the Cinque Ports, … read more …

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‘Rye has never been typical’

Another insistence that ‘Rye is unique’ A previous post quoted A G Bryant’s assertion that ‘Rye is unique’.  This paragraph with a similar beginning is from Paul Kleber Monod’s The Murder of Mr Grebell: madness and civillity in an English town (Yale University Press 2003). (Editor’s italics) Rye has never been typical.  Call it odd … read more …

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Sinful Rye

The Curse of Rye Temperance as a mass movement originated in the early 19th century. In 1829 a Belfast professor of theology made the gesture of pouring his stock of whisky out of his window and this may have been the inspiration for two of Rye’s many drinkers, J W Crosse & P E F … read more …

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Rye is Unique (A.G. Bradley)

Rye is Unique (A.G. Bradley)

Extracts from A.G. Bradley, An Old Gate of England: Rye, Romney Marsh, and the Western Cinque Ports (London: Robert Scott 1918) The author possessed a wry sense of humour and wrote in a delightful style. His wife’s line drawings give a good idea of the Rye of nearly one hundred years ago. It’s worth tracking … read more …

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From Writers Who Lived in or Near Rye

The quotations here have been culled from Iain Finlayson’s excellent book Writers in Romney Marsh (London: Severn House 1986). The book’s chapters include Henry James at Lamb House, E.F. Benson at Lamb House, Radclyffe Hall in Rye, Conrad Aiken at Jeake’s House, as well as Joseph Conrad in Kent and Ford Madox Hueffer in Kent … read more …

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Voices from the Past 1698 -1900

Voices from the Past 1698 -1900

17th and 18th centuries: Years of Depression (Original spelling and punctuation) 1607 Camden, Britannica Antiqua This level tract has by the bounty of the sea been by degrees added to the land, so that I may not without reason call it ‘the Gift of the Sea.’ 1698 Celia Fiennes, Through England on a Side Saddle … read more …

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