Rye Christmas: Great Expectations Exceeded!

Rye Christmas: Great Expectations Exceeded!

Renowned local Richard Adams created the artwork for the Christmas in Rye 2015 website. For a complete view of Richard’s painting see the Home Page.

There were Great Expectations for this year’s Christmas celebrations in Rye and they were marvellously met!  With a Dickensian theme,  lights and decorated windows everywhere, an incredible number of events and attractions —  Santa’s Grotto,  a big procession including three reindeer and Scorchy the fire-breathing dragon,  performances and workshops, and street market stalls, a bucking bronco reindeer ride,  an ice rink, . . .and a whole community carol concert to end with, the packed town was filled with festive spirit .  Truly wonderful!

The Christmas in Rye committee,  headed by Liz PenDennis of Entertainment Workshops, which galvanised the whole community to make it such a success, deserves all our thanks.  Our own special thanks to Heather Stevenson (aka Mother Christmas) who represented the Museum on the Committee and to the large team of helpers who decorated, wrapped presents, served drinks and mince pies and managed the crowds for Santa at his Museum Grotto from 11 to 4 on the day.

Over 730 visitors came to see Father Christmas in his Grotto:  children to talk with him and receive a present, plus parents, grandparents, aunties and uncles.  It’s too bad we didn’t collect all the appreciative comments and children’s squeals of delight but we’ll be posting photos soon!

First posted in Events Diary on 13th November 2015
Last updated: 17th December 2015