What are these?

What are these?

The first answer is that they are among the many curious objects in our East Street collection.  Professional photographer Janet Stott has kindly been photographing objects and displays to share with you over the coming months.    What do you think these are?

Want a hint?  They were for ladies, not men.

Another?  One in the photo has a ribbon attached.  The other two would have had one too.

Another?  Think of what ladies wore, say, 100 years ago in Rye.  And then think of Rye weather.

Still stumped?  These are hem clips for long skirts, especially helpful in wet weather for keeping one’s skirts out of puddles and off the wet below.  Pulling up on that ribbon just might enable one to reach a destination  in a less splattered state.

NOTE:  There are lots pf other curious items in our East Street collection. One way to get acquainted with them is to become a volunteer steward.  From the end of March, we would like this site to be open throughout each weekend.  You can help make this possible by giving just 3 hours a month.  It’s a rewarding thing to do, and  not difficult.  Interested?  Contact Shane Redmond who will tell you all you need to know.  01797-229910 or click here to send an email.



First posted in From Our Collection on 25th January 2013
Last updated: 24th March 2013