Introducing our  Virtual Tour

Introducing our Virtual Tour

Now everyone can enjoy all the Tower attractions!

Our newest attraction at the Tower is  an interactive 360º tour of Rye’s castle available on the ground floor. The tour moves around each area, providing descriptions of the varied and interesting artifacts on display. One can read the story of Rye Castle, visit the newly restored Women’s Tower and enjoy the view from the balcony without having to climb the stairs!

David Walton at  Panorama Studio is the photographer, designer and producer of our  magnificent new attraction.   One happy visitor with mobility problems has just spent over an hour exploring  every bit of the Tower and its exhibits from the comfort of a chair!

A gallery of screenshots

The seven screenshots below will introduce you to the kinds of things the tour offers by way of information and appeal.   Do come and see the full interactive version at the Tower!

Tip:  Double click on a screenshot to get a somewhat larger version. Then  click on that to get a much larger version you can read.  Ready for the next one? Close the one you’ve just looked at by clicking on the X at bottom right of the photo, and click on the left arrow at the top of the screen to come back here for the next one.





First posted in Featured, Ypres Tower Posts on 2nd April 2014
Last updated: 2nd April 2014