Once a Prison, Now a  Success Story

Once a Prison, Now a Success Story

Official Launch of the Women’s Tower

The Women and Children in Rye (WACOR) project is nearly complete and as of its celebratory launch event on Monday, 31st March, the Women’s Tower is now officially open to the public!  It is the culmination of a joint effort by Rye Museum and the Rye Partnership over a period of years, backed by a Heritage Lottery Fund grant and excellent  support from members , local organisations and volunteers.

Our Chairman and distinguised guests at the LaunchTrustee Brion PurdyThe launch ceremony was held in what is now the Medieval Garden which leads from the scheduled ancient monument Ypres Tower to the Women’s Tower built in 1837.

Guests at the event  included Councillor Ian Jenkins,  Chairman of Rother District Council, Alastair Fairley from the Heritage Lottery Fund, and the Mayor of Rye, Councillor Shaun Rogers who declared the Women’s Tower open.   Another special guest was Trustee Brion Purdy,  historian of Hastings.

The banners in view were among those created during a WACOR activity afternoon using a sun printing technique devised in the early 1800s and making use of plants in the medieval garden.

Chairman Jo Kirkham’s introduction included a reminder of a former custom in Rye which involved the Town Crier leading those consigned to prison,  under guard, to specific points  around the town where they were whipped before  being taken to one of the prison towers.
The stern gaoler and his latest prisonerORye's Town Criern cue, our own Town Crier sounded a full Oyez! Oyez! to announce the arrival of Gaoler Mike Berry (aka a Tower Guide) dangling keys and harrying a poor woman prisoner (Val Berry!) while she pleaded in vain not to be incarcerated in the Women’s Tower.







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