Photo policy

We are presently working through all the photos on our site and those we wish to add to it, to ensure that we are entitled to use each one and that proper accreditation  is given.   The Museum has a substantial photo collection and many of our photos have been taken by past and present members and friends of the Rye  Museum Association.  Others photos we know to be out of copyright or  free to use with proper accreditation.

Where we are unsure or wish to use a particularly apt photo  in copyright we have been writing for permission and thus far have had no refusals!  (It helps that we are non-commercial, a charity with educational purposes, and run entirely by volunteers.)

If  there are any instances where you think we have erred,  or should reword the accreditation, please let us know  so that we can ‘put things right’. 

First posted in Photo policy, Rye Castle Museum on 2nd December 2012
Last updated: 3rd December 2012