Rye’s Buildings: Introduction

Almost every building in Rye has a fascinating history! Many have parts from two or three different centuries–a 14th century cellar under a 19th century rebuild, a Tudor house behind a Georgian facade…. A shop or school may now be a house, a warehouse a restaurant or part of the Museum. As population pressure has increased or eased houses have been divided, joined together again but differently, added to . . . . But it isn’t just the buildings which are of interest. Many of the people who lived in them are fascinating to learn about too–their daily lives, the work they did, their role in Rye’s story and England’s too. We even know quite a bit about the personalities (and idiosyncrasies) of our Rye forebears.

There are more interesting buildings to be added soon.

First posted in Rye Buildings and Defences on 30th November 2012
Last updated: 13th February 2013