19th century Rye

Victorian Rye

A display case at our East Street site features items from Rye’s Diamond Jubiliee celebrations for both Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth II. by Jean Floyd Queen Victoria reigned for 63 years: 1837-1901. During that period there were seven censuses. What follows is a decade by decade summary of what those censuses, together with contemporary … read more …

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Voices from the Past 1698 -1900

Voices from the Past 1698 -1900

17th and 18th centuries: Years of Depression (Original spelling and punctuation) 1607 Camden, Britannica Antiqua This level tract has by the bounty of the sea been by degrees added to the land, so that I may not without reason call it ‘the Gift of the Sea.’ 1698 Celia Fiennes, Through England on a Side Saddle … read more …

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