Samuel Jeake

17th Century Rye Personalities

Friday 30th September, East Street The Chymical Club: John Allin, Samuel Jeake, Philip Frith and the Pursuit of Alchemy in 17th century Rye and London by  Donna Bilak: (Lecture 3 in her series in aid of the Women’s Tower Project) Donna Bilak of the Bard Graduate Center in New York was in England again to … read more …

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Mermaid Street 1891

Mermaid Street 1891

A poor quarter: This look at Mermaid Street is based on data from the 1891 census. It is known that at this period Mermaid Street was a run-down area, and the fact that it led directly up from the Strand, which was the main port area of the town, suggests it may well have been … read more …

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Writers in Rye

There have been many writers in Rye over the centuries but it was from the late nineteenth century onwards that writers came to live in the town. By then it was more accessible because of the railway and it was seen as an unspoilt place of great charm. Henry James’ decision to live in Rye … read more …

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