The Playden Barracks: An Update

Changing the local history record:
Peter Challons’ talk on the Playden Barracks

Peter Challons gave a talk entitled Playden Barracks: The Mystery Unfolds! at the Museum Thursday night, March 9th. Peter, an engineer, began his search for the real location of the Playden Barracks on the internet, which led him to the East Sussex Record Office (The Keep, in Lewes), various military and parliamentary sources, tithe maps, church records and Rye Museum’s own artefact collection.

He learned many fascinating facts along the way, including the extraordinary number of weddings and births among the soldiers recorded in parish records. Though there is a confusion of spellings (Playden, Pleyden and Playdon, among others) and several separate encampments, including those for  both horse and foot soldiers and a hospital, he has definitively located the barracks fields just above the King’s Head — and not, as everyone has assumed, under the Hospital at the very top of the hill.

The talk was very well attended and we are delighted that he has agreed to write up his findings for the next issue of the Local History Journal.

With thanks to Sarah Cooper for the report and the photo.

First posted in Past Talks, Rye Town History on 13th May 2017
Last updated: 13th May 2017