Test your strength at the Tower

Test your strength at the Tower

Longbow WomanArms and ArmourOne of the new exhibits at the Ypres Tower is a longbow — and visitors are invited to test whether they are as strong as a medieval archer.  Our Education chairman, Sheila Maddock appears to be —  despite the Museum’s longbow’s rating of 105 lbs ( 48 kg), the strength of the ‘pull’ used in battle. 

Longbows were the most important long range weapons at Rye Castle until 1457 when the first cannon was installed in the Gun Garden.  English archers were trained to use them from a very young age as it took years of regular practice to build up the necessary strength and accuracy. Longbow arrows could pierce thick wooden doors, armour and chain mail so it is no wonder English longbowmen were feared across Europe!

There is more to find out about Rye’s early defences at the Ypres Tower.

And did you know there is still an Order of Rye Longbowmen today?  They sometimes give demonstrations from the Ypres Tower rooftop.  Photos and more information about the history of longbows are available at their website.  Just Google for Rye Longbowmen.  


First posted in Ypres Tower Posts on 14th February 2014
Last updated: 18th June 2014