What did Victorians eat?

What did Victorians eat?

WACOR logoChildren’s Craft/Discovery Day 30th October

Children who came to the Craft/Discovery Day during Wild Boar Week learned about who ate what in Victorian times and some of the differences amongst social classes: rich Victorians, working class Victorians and the workhouse poor, as well as  differences between urban and rural poor.

Eating gruel


The children were given the chance to eat a variety of foods such as pineapple, peaches, cheese, chestnuts, pie, apples, plums, gruel and much more.  There were also pictures of food for the children to look at and decide who they thought would eat what.


As well as this Sue showed the children how to make masks with découpage while Heather was in charge of the catapults which were also very popular.

Another enjoyable afternoon for youngsters at the Museum.




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Last updated: 11th December 2013