What our visitors say about our East Street Museum

What our visitors say about our East Street Museum

It’s been a while since we reported on our visitors to East Street and what they say. Here’s an update on what has been recorded since we got a new Visitors’ Book.

The photo hints at what a busy place our East Street site can be.  Besides welcoming visitors who come to see our exhibits we host talks, coffee mornings,  children’s activity days, cakes and curiosities sessions, Santa’s Grotto at Christmas — and more. 

Where do our visitors come from?

As you might expect, local towns and villages of Sussex, Kent and Surrey are well represented e.g. St Leonard’s, Brighton, Hythe, New Romney, Lewes, Tunbridge Wells, Sevenoaks, Rochester, Farnham, and various parts of London and its periphery, but it is gratifying to see that nearly every part of England is represented – Devon, Cornwall and Somerset; Cambridge and East Anglia; Gloucester and Worcester and several parts of Wales, north through Yorkshire and Scotland including Orkney! And too many other places between here and there to mention.

The European countries best represented in this batch came from the Netherlands, France, Italy, Finland, Sweden and Switzerland – but we  know  there have been appreciative visitors who didn’t sign the book e.g. from the Ukraine, Germany and Hungary.

Both coasts of Australia are well-represented including visitors from the Rye History Society in Rye, Victoria, NSW, founded by emigrants from our Rye. Hometowns of Canadians and the USA are also distributed from coast to coast. Perhaps the visitors from Bellingham, Washington are descended from Ryers too?

New Zealanders come too, and South Africans, and Brazilians, and Chinese and Japanese; the last two are the most likely to add comments in their own languages.

In sum, our visitors come from around the world!

How do visitors sum up their impressions of the East Street Museum?

The most common words: Lovely! Fascinating! Brilliant! Excellent! Marvellous! Delightful! Amazing!

Other accolades: Quirky! / Awesome! / A joy! / Fantastically educational. / What a great little place! / We love it here! (USA)/ Beautiful museum in a beautiful town. Thank you for sharing./ A very interesting, informative museum. We want to come back./Really good for such a small museum. / Always worth a visit (Newbury Berks.) / Great museum – Thoroughly enjoyed it./Lovely little museum, so interesting and instructive. My husband says ‘Fascinating’./ Will visit again. So much to see and learn./ We’ve really enjoyed our visit. Just wish we had more time here!/ I think Rye is wonderful, gorgeous . I’ll come back. (Switzerland)/ Interesting artefacts. I really enjoyed seeing objects from Rye in the past./Deserves a good donation just to look around./Have absolutely enjoyed my Rye visit  (Hampshire). /First class! /Fantastic little museum. Preserve it!

Why did they like it?

What they saw: A great collection, so well laid out with good supporting information./ Fascinating historical information presented clearly. We’ll certainly come again./ Marvellous displays, evocative and terribly interesting. A boon for Rye! (Wales)/Exhibits wonderfully varied. / Fourth visit to Rye and area. Always very enjoyable and I always find more interesting stuff to see and do (as in this museum) (Milton Keynes).A wonderful museum. So nice to find out about the people behind the objects./ So much practical information about Rye’s history. /Wonderful history on the hoof!/Exhibits so varied. Something for all interests./ The video was good too. Bought the last DVD. Hope you have more./Excellent. Enjoyed learning more of ‘old’ Rye./ /Loved the history of your wonderful town./What a lot of local treasures. A true local museum. Good books too./ An exceptional museum with so many interesting artefacts from many times. Thank you!

Welcome for children and dogs from friendly staff: Dog friendly. Great people to talk to. Informative volunteers./ So friendly. Even welcomed the dog./Really helpful steward./Absolutely lovely  and staff very helpful./ This proved a great place to bring the children./ What a hidden treasure! All beautifully presented, and a lovely man on the desk!/Lovely visit with our 6 year old. We even got a guided tour!/ Thanks for the Pugwash Hunt which the children thoroughly enjoyed./Nice to have a kiddies’ corner./ Great treasure hunt for the children.

Specific exhibits. The Rye pottery display is superb./ The pottery is so wonderful. Beautiful! So glad we came!/Excellent displays of Rye pottery./Some beautiful and important maritime ship models. A reminder of our fishing heritage of which we have so few examples left./Loved the tidal clock and Rye Mosaics./ Lovely to see the Danckaerts painting of Rye in its rightful place./The French Connection is really interesting./Hooray for Pugwash!/ I loved the children’s toys./ Love the fire engine. / I really liked it. The best was defenitly (sic) the fire engine of 1745. (age 7?)/ Loved this place, especially Captain Pugwash. / Fascinating — Loved the Pugwash stuff./ I’ve never seen the chair that shakes the liver before!

(There were no complaints!)

First posted in East Street Posts, Featured on 14th May 2017
Last updated: 15th May 2017