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Comments about Rye Museum’s two sites

Rye, being close to London and also to Dover, gets visitors from all around the world as well  as from all over the UK.  Here are some of the comments about the Ypres Tower site from Trip Advisor. (Note that there  have been notable additions and improvements at the Tower since the comments were written) and a second set  from the East Street Visitors Book. 

Update coming as praise has been soaring since the opening of the Women’s Tower with its AV display, and all the improvements to the main Ypres Tower including a Virtual Tour!  The record number of visitors on April  12th previously reported has now been exceeded and now that we are opening East Street free at weekends we’ve been getting record numbers there too.  In fact visitor numbers have increased an incredible fivefold!  If you want to see why, come and bring your family.

About the Ypres Tower Museum

  • The Ypres Tower is full of interesting artifacts, and the guide was on-hand to answer the questions we had. It was clear he loved the history of the Romney Marsh, and I could have chatted to him all day.
  • We  were rather surprised that there was so much on offer to read and view. The guides were so welcoming and helpful and gave us a useful lowdown on what to look out for. I was very tempted to try on the helmets and hold the swords etc on display – If I’d had some small children with me, I could have got away with it!  Then went into the garden where the guide gave such an interesting talk about the various herbs, dating back centuries and mostly used for medicines and sometimes witchcraft too of course! This lovely lady knew everything that there was to know about the whole town of Rye and I spent a good half hour soaking up all the local knowledge.
  • Rye Castle is an ancient building with narrow passages and steep, uneven steps – but where else could you visit a medieval prison cell? The map of the coastline over the centuries is fascinating, as is the exhibit on different kinds of sheep. Kids should love this!
  • The castle is well maintained, with information within about smuggling, treatment of prisoners, weaponry and even the medieval kitchen. . . Worth the money and a visit.
  • This quaint museum was great. You got a real feel of the dismal confinements that prisoners would have felt. The room with weapons had costumes and weapons for the children to hold and take their photos in, as well as being able to hold real weapons to feel the weight.
  • A visit to the Ypres Tower museum and the smaller women’s prison and herb garden is certainly worthwhile if you’re interested in the history of Rye, with its tales of smuggling, murder and hauntings. The Tower itself is very atmospheric and it’s not difficult to imagine the despair that must have been felt by those unfortunate enough to be incarcerated within it’s massive walls. The views from the Tower are wonderful, reaching out across the marshes (home of the legendary Dr. Syn!) and covering Rye Harbour and Camber and far beyond. The guide for the Tower, Ted, was very friendly and knowledgeable about the Tower, Rye itself and the surrounding area and it is well worthwhile seeking him out.
  • This was absolutely fascinating with a lovely old fireplace, suits of armour, military uniforms, an old privy, maps of shipwrecks and of the marshes, a model showing retreat of the sea over centuries, a lovely view from the top of Ypres tower which is panoramic over the coastline.
  • It was well worth the climb.

Rye  Museum Visitors Book: East Street site   
We’ve listed  comments under five headings: General comments, Praise for our guides and stewards,  Favourite exhibits,  Child appeal, Comments on presentation

General comments

  • Absolutely wonderful. A  credit to Rye.
  • A very interesting couple of hours
  • A great end to a super visit to Rye
  • A lovely snapshot of Rye
  • It’s always pleasant to return.
  • An absolute delight!
  • A little museum but it’s good.  (Christchurch, NZ)
  • Worth more than one visit to take it and all the hard work in. What history!
  • A really interesting museum. Congratulations
  • Fascinating, Will come again.
  • Most engaging. Great value.
  • A most enjoyable afternoon
  • Loved it. Wish I’d paid a longer parking fee.
  • We live in Appledore but never knew this was here.  We’ll come again.
  • Wish we’d had more time
  • What a fantastic place with such interesting history
  • Rye is lovely and we enjoyed the Museum
  • I like this place because we can learn a lot of things and it is beautiful. (A Japanese visitor)
  • Small but packed with interesting stuff.
  • Spent a long time just taking it all in. Must come back.
  • VERY  interesting. Thank you so much!
  • Love Rye!

Our guides and stewards are friendly and knowledgeable

  • Good Captain Pugwash quiz and the man [steward] was very kind
  • Thank you so much for all the extra information – the personal touch
  • You’ve been very (!) friendly indeed. Thank you for presenting such an interesting museum.
  • Thank you volunteers for keeping this lovely museum
  • The guide was very entertaining and helpful
  • Thank you so very much! You were all so generous and kind.
  • Fascinating and so friendly
  • Muchas gracias todo muy hermoso! (visitor from Chile)

People are interested in a variety of different things

  • Good museum.  Especially liked the costumes and the beaded handbags
  • Great WWII stuff  (London)
  • Great collection of Rye shipping memories
  • Wonderful experience. Great information for our family history .
  • Nice to see so many interesting things from Britain’s heritage
  • The history of the harbour was particularly interesting
  • Fantastic pottery
  • Really interesting. Loved the pottery.
  • Fascinating insight into Rye
  • Great social history
  • I came to live on East Street when I  was 18 months old. Left at 18, so this brings back lots of memories.
  • Found out more about my shipbuilding and sailmaking ancestors
  • I enjoyed the reminders of things I remember
  • Excellent introduction to the town. Loved the Rye pig. Oliver Cromwell’s seal and the Harbour changes
  • It was lovely to see so many personal items

Child appeal

  • The kids loved it
  • It was good and I did the quiz.
  • Nice, very good for the children and the people were nice as well.  (London)
  • I had a great time doing the treasure hunt
  • I especially liked the  games, the toys and Georgian exercise horse!
  • The Captain Pugwash competition was great fun
  • Dan really enjoyed Captain Pugwash. Didn’t want to leave.
  • A fascinating collection and an enjoyable afternoon for the whole family.
  • The whole family enjoyed it. We would like to come again.  (Suffolk)

Praise for presentation

  • Well done. We can learn from you.  (Cranbook Museum)
  • Extremely well presented. We’ll be back
  • Good information about the items shown.
  • Very good history, especially about schools
  • Excellent for projects
  • Beautifully kept
  • Attractive exhibits
  • Excellent displays, well laid out.
  • Excellent show.   (Dartmouth Museum Association)





First posted in Said about the Museum on 13th November 2013
Last updated: 24th May 2014